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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Health Guide For Visitors to Indonesia

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GENERAL: Healthy Living in Jakarta,

- All major Indonesian cities have severe atmospheric pollution. This can be unpleasant but exposure during a normal 2-3 year posting is unlikely to cause new health problems.
- Pre existing respiratory problems may be aggravated but asthma is very common in Indonesia also Hay fever is common.

Do not drink tap water anywhere in Indonesia.
- Bottled water is widely available and should be used for drinking, tooth brushing and for a final rinse after washing fruit and vegetables.

· Most foods are available.
· Fruit and vegetables are of reasonable quality.
· Meat and fish from public markets should generally be avoided.
· Supermarkets offer much higher food handling standards.

· Many restaurants have acceptable hygiene standards. These standards vary daily and with food type irrespective of the quality of the restaurant or hotel.
· Roadside food stalls should be avoided especially Padang food stalls.
· Shellfish, snails and uncooked fish should not be eaten.

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