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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Health Consideration

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· Expatriates often have an unhealthy lifestyle in Indonesia.
· Many people do not exercise sufficiently because of the heat and pollution.
· Excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and overeating are common.
· Many people gain weight.
· Try to moderate your diet and exercise regularly.

· Start all vaccinations well before posting as you may need a course of injections.
· Check with your doctor that all previous vaccinations are up to date.
· All adult and childhood vaccinations can be given in Jakarta, Indonesia

· Most medications are available in Indonesia.

Doctors and Clinics:
· Expatriate doctors generally can not practise in Indonesia but there are exceptions.
Contact the International Clinic for assistance if necessary.
· Some local Clinics are well equipped but generally not of Western standard.
· Most clinics other than International Clinics are Indonesian with associate cultural and language problems.
· Ensure disposable needles and syringes and sterile instruments are used.
· Try to avoid any surgical procedures in a small clinics or small hospital.

House and Hotel Calls:
· Home visits are usually not available except International Clinics in Jakarta.
· Hotels have a doctor on call or a hotel clinic. Expect high fees.
· It is often preferable to proceed directly to the clinic or hospital.

· Ambulance services are usually owned by hospitals or private clinics and are often not of Western standard. Payment before service is normal.
· It may be faster to go by car or taxi to a clinic or hospital.

Blood Bank:
· The Red Cross monitors blood banks. Standards are variable.
Blood supply is not a free service.
· Avoid blood transfusion if possible. Insist blood is re screened by the hospital before transfusion. Contact the Home GP first.
· Rh -ve blood is rare in Asia and difficult to obtain.

· Good quality treatment is available in Jakarta at recommended dental clinics. Request an indication of likely fees before starting treatment.

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