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Monday, March 31, 2008

Tropical Diseases Living In Jakarta

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• Malaria is uncommon in all major cities, most of Java, Bali and generally in major tourist resorts. Malaria prophylaxis is not necessary in these areas.
• All other areas are presumed to be Malaria areas especially rural districts.
• Mosquito protection is essential to protect from Malaria and other mosquito borne infections in all parts of Indonesia.
• Risk of Malaria depends on length of stay, type of accommodation and destination.
• If you traveling outside Jakarta contact your Doctor to advice on Malaria prophylaxis.
• Any fever after traveling in Indonesia must be investigated to exclude Malaria.

Typhoid Fever:
• Typhoid is contracted from contaminated food and water.
• It is an uncommon infection in expats but common in the Indonesian population.
• Clinical diagnosis is difficult. Laboratory diagnosis takes 3-4 days so antibiotic treatment is usually started if Typhoid Fever is suspected.
• Vaccination is recommended but does not give complete protection.

Dengue Fever:
• Dengue is a viral illness spread by mosquitoes. Most cases occur during the wet season from about December to May.
• Symptoms are usually similar to the Flu. Often Dengue is mistaken for flu.
• Normally Dengue is a self limiting illness but rarely it does occur in a much more severe form known as Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever.
• Treatment of mild Dengue is rest, fluids and paracetamol with initial regular blood tests to check that the severe form of Dengue or complications are not developing.
• Prevention is simply to avoid mosquito bites and ensure there are no mosquito breeding sites eg free standing water around your accommodation.

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